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What our the members like?

The Lincolnshire Walking Group assumes the majority of its members will be somewhere in their 20s through to 50s. People who are very busy during the week with either work or family so arranges its walks at weekends when people are less busy. People from all walks of life.  People who enjoy the countryside and enjoy getting out in the fresh air.   For legal and insurance reasons you must be over 18 to join us.

Do I need to be a member of the Ramblers to join?

Yes, but not immediately. We would rather you attended a few of our events to see if you like the idea of the group. If you decide you wish to continue as a member of the group we would then ask you to join the Ramblers. Think of it as a "try before you buy" arrangement. See the 'Join Us' page for further details.

What sort of clothing should I wear ?

Dress for the conditions. Remember weather can change quickly, especially on high ground. We would recommend good comfortable walking boots, clothing in layers so that you can put more on or take layers off to keep you comfortably warm, waterproof jacket and over trousers; on colder days,  gloves, hat and scarf. Jeans are not recommended as they become uncomfortable to wear when they get cold and wet.

What else should I bring on a walk?

Other items that are essential is a packed lunch and water (hot drinks are recommended in Winter), a small first aid pack for cuts, bites and blisters and a rucksack to carry them in. Getting kitted out need not cost a fortune. The Ramblers has arranged discounts with many 'out-door' shops for its members.

Are the walks only within Lincolnshire?

No. Whilst we are a Lincolnshire based group and therefore we will hold the majority of our walks within Lincolnshire, we also have the beautiful countryside of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire in easy reach by car or train and we intend to walk in all of it!

Do I need to be super fit?

No. We will be offering easy half day strolls through to energetic hikes. Each walk is given a rating of difficulty along with its length to help you to decide. As your fitness slowly improves you will probably find you want to take on the more challenging walks. If the length of some of our walks sounds scary, remember 8 miles is not that far when taken over an entire day with a pub stop or two on route. If you are wanting to get fit you may find this more fun and cheaper than joining a gym.

Can anybody join you on your weekends away?

We regret that our weekends away are open to Ramblers Members only.

Do you provide lifts to walk starting points?

Some drivers may volunteer to offer their cars for car sharing to certain of our walks once they get to know you. These will usually be from major towns like Lincoln, Sleaford and Louth. Drivers often appreciate it when a voluntary contribution is made by passengers. If accepting a lift please consider making a donation towards fuel costs.

Do I need to be able to read a map?

No. Each walk is led by a walk leader who will guide you along the walk. Courses are run in map reading and navigation on a regular basis for those who want to know more or want to lead a walk themselves in the future.

Can I bring my dog on a walk?

Please see our F.A.Q Dogs page.

Frequently Asked Questions